Basic RE Photo Package

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Basic Still Photo Package



Discounts available for multi-property orders


Up to 8 Tripod Locations Interior & Exterior

Up to 4 Framing Angles from Each Location

Up to 2 Shooting Modes For Each Frame

Up to 5 Exposures for Each Mode

Post Production:

Light/shadow balancing

Color balancing/correction

Lens/color aberration correction

Finished Work:

Up to 320 high quality, 10 megapixel or greater, original, raw images

At least 25 professionally composited, digitally developed, color and light balanced, 10 megapixel or greater, master images

Up to 32 of your favorite images processed, cropped, resized and retouched for optimal clarity in up to 4 public display media of your choice

Schedule & Lead Times:

All real estate shoots require a walkthrough prior to the actual shoot at least a day apart

Depending on the angle of sun exposures a property has, the walkthrough and shoot will be scheduled at either just before dawn or just before dusk

Shooting schedules will be dependant on weather conditions

Post production is a very involved process and the time required varies greatly depending on the source material

The more involved you are in the process of choosing the shots you like the best, both in production and post, the more pleased you will be with the results and the faster you will get them