Basic RE Video Package

Basic Video Package $300


One Camera Video Walkthrough

Up to 2 detail cutaways (close-ups) per room

Exterior front and back sequences

Post Production

Music (choose from our library)

Narrated Voiceover (your agent or talent you hire)

Titles and subtitles for each room

Closing shot with your agent or voiceover talent talking about how to inquire


YouTube and Vimeo hosting, you can add to your channel as well

We can work with your web designer to embed video on your site

You can link to your site’s page with the video or directly to YouTube or Vimeo

You also get a copy of the master video file and all the source files to do whatever you like with

Schedule & Lead Times:

All real estate shoots require a walkthrough prior to the actual shoot at least a day apart

Depending on the angle of sun exposures a property has, the walkthrough and shoot will be scheduled at either just before dawn or just before dusk

Shooting schedules will be dependant on weather conditions

Post production is a very involved process and the time required varies greatly depending on the source material

The more involved you are in the process of creating the video, both in production and post, the more pleased you will be with the results and the faster you will get them

 In general, your final cut video should competed within a week to 10 days of the shoot