Envision a Future Desert Hot Springs

Ultimately, we see our City taking full advantage of these key factors:

  • Our Geography and Geology is unique and special in that we are located right in the crux in the parting of three mountain ranges.  We are the nexus between the Coachella Valley, the High Desert, and the Inland Empire; and at the intersection of two underground aquifers, one with cold springs, and the other with hot springs.  The conceptual significance of this should be understood and used as an asset and a symbol of our purpose as a community.
  • Little San Bernardino Mountains © 2004 Matthew Trump
    Little San Bernardino Mountains © 2004 Matthew Trump

    Our Demographics are set apart from most other Desert Cities whose populations are largely transient or seasonal and have large retirement segments, whereas ours is comprised of mostly working families, and is more culturally diverse, and our median age is one of lowest in the valley.

  • Our Undeveloped Land, although considered by some to be a blight or a sign of a failed economy, is actually a wonderful asset to a town looking to attract fresh, creative new residents to build and join our burgeoning art community.  Inexpensive real estate and artists have gone hand in hand since primitive humans first doodled on cave walls.  Our beautiful, untouched desert is far more attractive and inspiring than a tear down in East LA.