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Brown Miller

Brown Miller is an advocate for the arts and creative industries in education, public policy, private investment, and community engagement, based in the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, CA. brownianproductions.com (@bp) is Miller's arts support services business, a social enterprise that provides many types of assistance to artists, visionaries, and nonprofit organizations. @bp's services range from hand-for-hire work and transport for musicians and artists and their various gear to social media management, content production and marketing strategies, website development and many others. Originally from San Francisco, Miller has lived in the Southern California Desert since 2004. He's had his home there in Desert Hot Springs since 2012. Miller is also a creative photographer, electronic musician, and multimedia artist but has so far not pursued those activities professionally. Homeschooled (unschooled) by his parents using the techniques and principals of John Holt www.johnholtgws.com, Miller has little formal training in his skills. He passed a high school equivalency exam in 1990 at age sixteen. He attended City College of San Francisco, where is father is a (now retired) creative writing professor, in 1992 and he has periodically returned there for additional training. His mother is a retired substitute grade school teacher and fiber/textile artist. Having learned the art of independent study at a young age, Miller has been able to continuously develop his creative and technical talents without the constraints of educational classifications, resulting in a broad palette of knowledge and experience and unique approaches to complex subjects. Brown Miller is available for creative, technical, or promotional work for artists, performers, non-profits, and exceptionally ethical or cool businesses.

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