All About Jazz launches new Palm Springs events site, partners with brownian productions

All About Jazz (AAJ), the most advanced online community for local and global jazz scenes, has partnered with brownian productions (bp) to launch a brand new local events site for the greater Palm Springs area.

The web address is now an active node in AAJ’s events platform, “Jazz Near You”, and it is dedicated to the local California Desert scene.

Previously, all the local listings in the desert were part of the Los Angeles metro site. Brown Miller of bp says he has been talking to Michael Ricci, founder and publisher of All About Jazz, for some time about Palm Springs’ growing jazz scene needing to differentiate itself from the massive, urban LA scene.

“The desert scene is really diverse, and it’s quirky, it’s just starting to coalesce. A group that’s doing a weekly show in one city may know nothing about another crew doing a monthly somewhere 5 miles away. I am hoping that Michael’s network can be a platform for unifying the local scene so everyone can see what everyone else is up to, and also to connect our scene to the others through this awesome global community he’s built.

This is a key difference between us and LA, which is a very saturated market. Urban audiences can be very jaded. I mean, that’s great because you have incredible talent there and a lot of our acts come from LA. But, this is a pleasure for them to play a laid back gig in the desert. They have a lot more creative freedom here and audiences are grateful and enthusiastic. So it’s important for the desert to be recognized as a unique market.”

— Brown Miller of brownian productions™

Brown Miller, brownian productions™

Miller has been advocating and promoting the arts in the desert for several years. As a commissioner on the Community & Cultural Affairs Commission and board member of the Art Foundation in Desert Hot Springs he worked with groups like the DHS Classical Concerts series and the Palm Springs Orchestra. It was this work that prompted Miller to start bp and offer high quality technology and promotional support to struggling arts groups at affordable prices.

bp has been providing photography and social media services to Paul MacKey, host of “Jazz on Twelve” (formerly “Jazz at The 12th Floor”), a monthly event at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, CA.

MacKey is a well known public figure in the valley, having held several prestigious positions with organizations such as the Coachella Valley Chamber and has appeared in many local theatre and music productions including performances at the McCallum theatre. His latest venture into jazz vocals has put him on a path to lead some new segments of the local scene into the public spotlight.

“Jazz on Twelve” and its presenting artists, Larry Holloway and Andy Fraga, have brought extraordinary musicians to the intimate and inspiring venue atop the Fantasy Springs hotel. Master musicians like Laurence Hobgood, Tom Scott, Gary Novak and Marshall Hawkins have given one-of-a-kind, virtuality unrehearsed performances with no cover charge courtesy of the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, the owners of the resort.

Another project Miller did photography for was “Jazz Meets Latin Jazz” at the Annenberg Theater in the Palm Springs Art Museum. MacKey also hosted and performed at this event produced by Marcel Castaneda. Carol Welsman and Chuchito Valdes headlined this multicultural concert.

“Jazz Meets Latin Jazz” at the Annenberg Theater

These projects gave Miller insight into the burgeoning jazz scene in desert and inspiration to help develop it. Realizing that genre non-specific platforms for music event promotion were not reaching the audiences nor featuring the players well enough, Miller searched for a jazz specific solution.

“AAJ is a dream come true for genre specific arts marketing. I wish there were dedicated networks like this for each music genre and visual art style. Jazz demands a lot of special features and hand crafted content. You can’t stick it into a generic music marketing model and get good response” says Miller.

Audience at the monthly “Jazz on Twelve” show at Fantasy Springs.

“Jazz fans are discerning and they abhor mediocrity and mass production. That’s why every message you receive from AAJ is from Michael Ricci’s email account and bears his signature. Of course he utilizes automation but he does so sparingly and he is able to give personal attention to any issue that requires it.”

Michael Ricci, founder and publisher of All About Jazz

All About Jazz (AAJ) has been serving the jazz community since 1995 with independent media, events listings, promotional tools, and an enthusiastic and loyal user base of over 500,000 subscribers. AAJ is a 13-time winner of the Jazz Journalists Association’s “Best Web Site Covering Jazz” award. It has also been recognized as the top jazz web site by Google, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC6, Time Magazine, and Forbes Magazine.

Miller says he is excited to be in a position to evangelize this platform in the desert. He hopes to take full advantage of the fledgling jazz scene’s relaxed atmosphere and minimal competitiveness. Seeing these as qualities that may allow for more creative and innovative projects, culturally progressive social interactions, and technological experimentation, Miller and his associates look forward to a fun future for jazz in the desert and a successful partnership with All About Jazz.

“I’d really like to see the desert becoming a nexus for different musicians, songwriters, producers, with unique styles from different cultures to mesh and mingle and create really unique sounds. We already have a lot of this kind of thing happening in the art scene here, we just need to activate the music and performing arts with the same bohemian energy.”

“Jazz is a conduit for bringing creative people of different disciplines and from varied backgrounds together; it always has been. Jazz, like America, was built to withstand change and embrace new and different influences while keeping a core of integrity and authenticity.”

Miller is encouraging everyone to take a look at what AAJ has to offer and get listed and involved in the local desert jazz scene at

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