about brownian productions

brownianproductions.com is the online brand of Brown Miller: motion, visual and music artist; arts marketer, advocate and activist; writer, editor and community journalist; content and social media producer, strategist and technologist.

Our mission is to bring the highest quality creative services, marketing technologies and techniques to those who are most deserving and in need. Artists, performers, charitable organizations, underserved community advocates, visionaries, social entrepreneurs, inventors, etc. are all within our target market.

We focus on quality in both content and audience. What’s the point in reaching thousands of people who couldn’t care less about what you are doing? Defining the profile of your ideal customer, client, or supporter and devising novel systems for finding people that match the profile is the first step. Then it is a matter of…

  • Engaging and exchanging information, getting your employees interacting with your audience
  • Analyzing and learning more about your prospects and followers
  • Using that information to…
    • Deliver the right messages
    • To the right people
    • At the right times
    • Through the right channels
    • Capturing the results in meaningful data structures
    • Responding and adapting as new information comes in
  • Incentivizing your best contacts to become brand advocates and ambassadors

That is pretty much it in a nutshell. If it sounds like our philosophy jibes with yours, get in touch and lets see what we can achieve together…



Text or call: 760-905-2116

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