transport services for artists+musicians

Need to get your gear to a gig? has you covered!

Vehicle Features

  • V8 pickup truck
  • ice-cold A/C
  • quad cab seats 4 passengers
  • carpeted bed liner+camper shell (removable for heavy/tall loads)
  • fold-up rear seats (make room for more gear/delicate items)

Rate Card

Transport Fees

  • $20/passenger
  • $0.75/mile (including distance to pick-up point)

Trip Options

  • pick-up/drop-off is included
  • pick-up/drop-off+return trip is $25/passenger+milage
  • pick-up/drop-off+stay on-site+return trip is $15/hour/assistant on site
  • additional waypoints are $5/each (pick-up additional passengers or gear, return rentals, post-show booty call ;), etc.)

Load-in/load-out assistance

  • $10/100 lbs. of cargo carried on foot up to 100ft (total load-in/out, drop/return trips)
  • $5/50 ft. beyond 100 ft. of total on-foot carry distance
  • items weighing over 40 lbs. require a second person (you can provide or we can)
  • extra assistant is $20/100 lbs. up to 100 ft.$5/50 ft. beyond 100 ft.
(discounts, barter, partnerships available)



Quad Cab with Fold-Up Rear Seats

The Brownmobile


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